Riding for THE USA National Team in Abu Dhabi

What an honor and privilege it was to ride for the United States in Abu Dhabi. BMX has come along way since I started riding. We used to be looked at as trouble makers, and now we proudly wear the Red, White, and Blue!!!

I was chosen in 2021 to ride for the USA National Team at the World Championships in France. I took 5th in the world, which wasn’t bad for my first competition after a five-year break.

In 2022 the BMX World Championships traveled to Abu Dhabi. This was my first trip to the Middle East, and it was a trip to remember. Thanks to everyone for your continued support of my 20+ year BMX career. I am going to keep this going as long as you will allow me.

Below are some photos from the epic trip to Abu Dhabi.

Matt Wilhelm and Terry Adams catching a flight to Abu Dhabi.

Flying with friend and teammate Terry Adams. Our original flight was canceled the day before. Always leave early :)

Flight Map from Chicago to Abu Dhabi.

Literally flying across the world.

Matt Wilhelm, Bo Wade, Terry Adams, and Lindsey Bode in the Arabian Sea.

Within 30 minutes of arriving we hopped in the Arabian Sea. These are all four USA BMX Flatland Riders who competed in Abu Dhabi.

Memories for life with Terry Adams, Lindsey Bode, and Bo Wade.

Matt Wilhelm sightseeing in Abu Dhabi during the BMX World Championships.

Wild Scenery in Abu Dhabi.

Matt Wilhelm riding with Alex Jumelin before finals in Abu Dhabi.

Getting ready for Prelims with French rider Alex Jumelin. Friends first, competitors second.

Matt Wilhelm after finishing his BMX Flatland run in Abu Dhabi.

That feeling when you stomp a run and make the finals. Always an honor to represent the United States in the finals.

Matt Wilhelm surprising his daughter, Violet, after flying straight home from Abu Dhabi.

I went straight from O’Hare airport to Violet’s dance competition to surprise her.

Both of us were competing that weekend, and I didn’t want to miss her performance.