Photoshoot Gone Wild

I did the craziest photo shoot with award-winning photographer Rob Gregory. Rob’s work has been featured in Time Magazine and many other prestigious publications, so when he reached out to me I jumped at the opportunity.

We both wanted to do something unique that hadn’t been done before in BMX. We shot at St. Boniface Church on the westside of Chicago.  This historic building was constructed in 1902 and closed in 1990. Many years of neglect resulted in broken out windows and the church walls being covered with graffiti.  This contrast provided an epic backdrop.

We used some high-powered smoke bombs to add to the visual effects and even attached some of them to my bike. Since I was riding in church, I obviously had to wear a suit.  Some of my favorite things about the photos are how the suit coat and tie flare out during the spinning tricks.

Thanks again to Rob for making this happen.

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Photos by Rob Gregory

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