Matt Wilhelm Wins 1st Place at AFA Detroit

I am extremely grateful to have won the American Flatland Association (AFA) competition in Detroit. The level of riding was very high, and the event was amazing.

To make it even better the flatland legend Chase Gouin was in attendance. Chase has been the biggest influence on my riding. When I was younger I studied his videos and tried to imitate him trick for trick.

Chase presented the awards to the finalists. After my name was called for 1st place, I made sure to bring Chase on the podium to stand with me. I would not be where I am today without the foundation he put down.

Podium from AFA Detroit 2022. 1st Place – Matt Wilhelm 2nd Place – Austin Luberda 3rd Place – Art Thomason Presented by Chase Gouin
Here is a clip from my final run.

For more info on the American Flatland Association visit their website: