Matt Appears in Millikin University Alumni Profile

A big thanks to Millkin University for the awesome alumni profile in Millikin Magazine. This interview covers an in-depth look at my anti-bullying school assembly programs.

Back when I was a student at Millkin I was training hard on the bike in between classes. I was eyeing a career as a pro BMX rider, but not sure if the opportunity to would present itself. Hard work paid off. I turned pro junior year, but placed last in The X Games.

I came back to Millikin for my senior year with new motivation, knowing I had only one more year before I graduated and had to get a “real job.” With this new motivation I learned a bunch of new tricks. During April of my senior year I won the X Games Trials, beating the previous X Games champion, and pocketing some nice cash. From there I went on to a career as a pro BMX rider, which unbelievably is still going.

Here is a link to the full article in Millikin Magazine.

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