In-Person Shows Are Back!!!

Thank you to every principal, teacher, and parent for the opportunity to share my show with your kids this spring.

It seemed like every single school was requesting an in-person show this spring. I just couldn’t keep up with the record-setting demand for in-person school assemblies, and it was great to see kids laughing and cheering in person again.

Kids were so happy to see the show in-person again this year.

Just in the month of May alone I had 71 shows!!! I was also trying to keep some dates open to train for the USA National Championship… More on that in another post. So I could have visited even more schools if I wanted to.

Many schools chose to host their shows outside, and the weather cooperated. I’m lucky to have one of the few school assemblies that is just as good outdoors as indoors.

A chilly spring show in early April.

My favorite part of performing in-person shows is the reaction from the kids. The strangest thing about performing virtual shows is that you can’t hear the audience. Sure, teachers sent me videos of kids cheering in their classroom. And I can see them cheering on the screen. But the energy just isn’t the same.

Now it seems like the kids are back to being kids again. They are asking for autographs. They are bombarding me with social media messages. They are in awe of seeing the tricks right there in front of them.

Even teachers and principals wanted selfies this year.

My dates are already filling up for the fall. I will also be riding for Team USA at the World Championships in Abu Dhabi this fall, so my dates are even more limited than usual.

Once again thank you to every school who booked me for a school assembly in Spring 2022. It was an amazing few months and made me remember how much fun it is to perform for kids.

Kids enjoying a show on a nice sunny day.

I was once again reminded of how powerful and in-person school assembly can be. I received so many messages from students, parents, and teachers about how my story resonated with them or their kids.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kids getting an autograph after the show