Hero Inside Launches

I am excited to announce the launch of Hero Inside. So what is Hero Inside?

Hero Inside is a FREE video series and discussion guide that teachers can use in the classroom after my presentation.

  • Grade level specific
  • Strategies on how to safely speak up in a bullying situation
  • Role playing situations
  • Shows what bullying looks like and how to stop it
  • Builds courage
  • Gets to the heart of why students are bystanders
  • Gets students to overcome their fears of speaking up
  • Gives concrete actions on how to stop a bullying situation

There is so much more that I want to cover in my school assembly programs, but there just isn’t enough time.  Plus some of these topics work better in a classroom discussion format as opposed to a large group assembly format.

I wanted to delve deeper into some topics like fear of acting first, the bystander effect, and emotional bullying.  I also wanted to go more in depth about effective strategies to stop a bullying situation. This program accomplishes these goals and much more.

I am excited to share this project FREE of charge with the 300+ schools I visit every year.  I hope that teachers find this valuable and it amplifies the impact of my school program and message.

Here is a sample video:


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