Chicago Tribune Covers Matt Wilhelm’s School Visit

A big thank you goes out to the Chicago Tribune for coming out to Clarendon Hills Middle School to cover my show.

Here is a link to the article on the Chicago Tribune Website.

I had a cool moment with a student with special needs after the show, which the Tribune talked about in the article.

The special needs student wasn’t able to the assembly because the large crowd and loud noises. He came in after the show to ask some questions. I thought he might enjoy seeing some of the tricks that he missed, so I got on the bike and did a little mini-show. His reaction more than made my day, and I was happy to bring a smile and some encouragement to my one-person audience.

The main show was fantastic. The audience loved the tricks, and from looking at the student comments in the article it sounds like they took the message away too.

Thanks again to the students and staff at both Clarendon Hills Middle School and Hinsdale Middle School for making this such a special day.

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Performing at Clarendon Hills Middle School in Illinois

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