Anti-Bullying Assembly Visits Montgomery, IL

[lead]Anti-Bullying Assembly Visits Lakewood Creek Elementary[/lead]
From: Montgomery Patch
Lakewood Creek students were treated to an assembly on Wednesday about the Power of Character. Matt Wilhelm, BMX Champion and motivational speaker, came to demonstrate his talents and deliver a powerful message about perseverance, character, and bullying. Matt’s engaging presentation included demonstrations of his incredible bike tricks as well as sharing some of his own personal life experiences.
During his first X Games competition, he crashed his bike 4 times and came in last place, but he didn’t give up. He encouraged students to ignore the inner voice that tells you that you are not good enough and instead to keep trying. He went on to say that you can overcome every challenge you are faced with as long as you never give up.

Lakewood Creek
Matt also shared a story from his childhood about being bullied. Kids made fun of him for the way that he looked and because he enjoyed doing bike tricks. He told students how important it is to be the one willing to speak up for someone who is being picked on and to tell the bullies to stop. He talked to the students about the power of our words and how we should treat one another with respect. Matt told the students that each one of them has talents and they need to find out what their talents are and to keep working on them.
Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed this energetic and motivating presentation!

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