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The biggest predictor of future success is resilience.  When kids can learn how to bounce back from failure at an early age then they can overcome any challenge they face.

However, most kids think that failure is bad.  They think that just because they make a mistake that they have to live with that mistake forever.

Kids need to learn that failure is necessary on the path to success.  The key is to learn from these mistakes and "Fail Forward."  Our biggest failures are exactly what lead to our greatest victories.

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Growth mindset for kids

Matt winning 1st place at Red Bull's Fight with Flight Competition.

Key Takeaways

  • Even the best in the world make mistakes
  • Importance of positive self-talk
  • Dealing with disappointment
  • Turning failure into victory
  • Anything is possible with a "Never-Give-Up" attitude

The Long Story Short

Matt Wilhelm worked his whole life to make it to the largest BMX competition in the world, The X Games. However, his glory was short lived as he finished in LAST PLACE.

Devastated, Matt returned home where every voice in his head told him, “You're not good enough. You don't have what it takes. You just can't do anything right.”

It was hard not to listen to these voices of doubt, but Matt persevered. Determined not to give up on his dream Matt went on to win three X Games medals, two World-Championship medals, and two National Championships.

Matt will show your students that your biggest challenges can ultimately lead to your greatest victories.

"You came to my school when I was in 7th grade. I just want you to know that you were such an inspiration in my life. I just want to thank you for what you're doing.

I didn't know that you'd be that big of an impact on my life. I'm in ninth grade now, and I still remember you. I'll never forget your inspirational story. Thank you."

Arielle - High School Student (Received via Email)

Perfect for Elementary and Middle Schools

It doesn't matter if your students are in elementary school or middle school. They will be engaged, impressed, and inspired with Matt Wilhelm's amazing school assembly program.

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