The Amazing Anti-Bullying Virtual School Assembly

Exciting BMX tricks with empowering character messages.

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Virtual School Assemblies for Elementary Schools & Middle Schools

From bullied kid to National Champion, Matt Wilhelm shares his powerful story with your students.


Educational and entertaining

Perfect for elementary and middle schools

Help your kids bounce back from failure more easily

Live & custom-recorded shows available

A positive approach to bullying prevention

Every child deserves to live up to their full potential.  Empower your kids to overcome any challenge they face.


School assembly ideas

Looking for a Fun Virtual Show with a Great Message?


GoPro Cameras show riding from a cool view.


Matt will ride Glow-in-the-Dark BMX just like he did on "America's Got Talent."


Same great messages as in-person shows.

Matt will attempt to break his Guinness World Record during the virtual show!!!

Meet Matt Wilhelm

Matt Wilhelm is not your stereotypical BMX rider. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Millikin University, while attending on a music scholarship.

In 2021 Matt rode for Team USA at the BMX World Championships in France.

Here are some of Matt's awards and accolades:

  • Guinness World Record Holder
  • 3-Time X Games Medalist
  • 2-Time National Champion
  • World Championship Silver and Bronze Medalist
  • America's Got Talent Semi-Finalist
  • Winner of America's Got Talent YouTube Competition
  • Winner of FOX TV's 30 Seconds to Fame
  • Red Bull Fight with Flight Champion
  • 2021 Team USA Member at the BMX World Championships

Have your kids ever had their own personal show from a Guinness World Record Holder?

Matt Wilhelm BMX Flatland

Riding at the 2021 BMX World Championships for Team USA

"The message of empowerment and resilience is what really moved me as a parent. I wish every student could hear his message."

− Kristen Avery − PTA, Downers Grove, IL

A Story Every Student Needs to Hear

From Bullied Kid to National Champion

When Matt was a kid he was made fun of for being different and riding BMX.  In fact, he almost quit BMX altogether after an intense bullying situation at the local BMX track left him fearing for his safety.

Determined to make his dream come true, Matt didn’t give up and qualified for the largest BMX competition in the world, The X Games.  However, disappointment struck hard as Matt finished in last place.

Using the “Never Give Up” attitude he learned as a kid, Matt worked harder than ever, eventually becoming the national champion.  He will show your kids that sometimes our biggest failures can turn into our greatest victories.

Matt will empower your kids to turn their biggest challenges into their greatest victories.

Elementary school assembly ideas
Guinness World Records Logo

I am changing this title.


From bullied kid to National Champion, Matt Wilhelm shares his inspiring story with your students. 

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Matt Wilhelm BMX Flatland

Matt Wilhelm riding at the 2021 BMX World Championships for Team USA

Meet Matt Wilhelm, Not Your Stereotypical BMX Rider

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