Hero Inside - Grades K-2

Teaching kids to be heroes.

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Episode 1: Heroes

Key Points:

  • A hero is an ordinary person who does an extraordinary thing.
  • Think of your words like money.  Before you speak think to yourself, "Are my words going to make someone feel more valuable or less valuable?"
  • Heroes are always kind.  They always do the right thing.

Questions for Discussion

In the following situations do your words and actions make someone feel more valuable or less valuable?

  1. You call someone a name like "Ears."
  2. You give someone a compliment by saying "Nice bike."
  3. You tell someone at recess "You can't play with us."
  4. You are picking teams for kickball. The kid who isn't as good doesn't get picked at all.
  5. A girl looks lonely and is sitting by herself at lunch. You sit down next to her.
  6. At recess someone is getting called names and you laugh along with everyone else.
  7. A teammate on the baseball team strikes out, and you say, "Don't worry you will get it next time."
  8. You repeatedly call someone a mean name, but then say "Just Kidding."
  9. There is a new student in class.  It is their first day of school and they don't know anyone.  You go up to them and introduce yourself.
  10. You wave hello to someone in the hallway.

Episode 2: Bullying

Key Points:

  • Bullying is when someone hurts you on purpose over and over again.
  • Being called a name once is not bullying.  It becomes bullying when it is done over and over again.
  • Not letting other kids play with your group of friends is a form of bullying.
  • If you feel like someone is always trying to do something to hurt you on purpose tell a teacher, parent, or adult.

Questions for Discussion

Which of the following are bullying situations, and which are not?  Why?

  1. Someone calls you a name one time during gym class.
  2. One of the boys keeps calling a girl hurtful names, but then says "Just Joking."
  3. Someone is shooting you with a squirt gun. You are laughing about it and shoot them back with your own squirt gun.
  4. You are walking down the sidewalk, and kids hiding in a tree drop a bunch of water balloons on you.
  5. All of the students at recess won't let you play with them.  As soon as you try to play they pick up and move somewhere else.  You end up being all by yourself, and this has been happening for over a week.
  6. Someone doesn't let you play at recess one time because the teams are full, but you get to play the next game.
  7. You are playing with a toy, and another kid takes it from you.  You are a little upset and end up playing with a different toy.
  8. You are playing with a toy, and another kid takes it from you.  You play with a different toy and he takes that one from you too.  He ends up taking all the things you are trying to play with.
  9. The other students at recess won't let you play on any of the playground equipment.  They block you from the slide, swings, and monkey bars.  You end up sitting alone all by yourself and they laugh at you.
  10. You are trying to get on the swing at recess, but someone won't let you on the swing and says, "I'm saving this swing for my friend."  You can see the friend running over to the swing.

Episode 3: What to Do

Key Points:

  • There are three main ways to be a hero: Speak up, tell an adult, and be a friend.
  • Words are more powerful than fists, so don't fight.  Speak up!
  • Tattling is when you are trying to get someone IN trouble. Reporting you are trying to get someone OUT of trouble.
  • Being a friend to a kid without many friends is a great way to be a hero.

Questions for Discussion

What would you do in the following situations?

  1. One of your friends keeps calling someone ugly, but then they say "Just Joking." It has been going on for about ten minutes, and you can tell the student being made fun of doesn't like it.
  2. The biggest and strongest kid in your class keeps picking on a smaller student.  He pushes the smaller kid down at recess.  You want to speak up, but you are afraid he might hurt you.
  3. There is a girl who has a Star Wars lunch box.  All of the boys make fun of her saying, "Star Wars is for boys."
  4. There is a new kid at school who doesn't know anyone. It's her first day of school, and she seems scared and shy.
  5. One student at school always gets left out.  Whenever you play games at recess no one invites him to play.  You are now the team captain for kickball, and he asks to play.

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