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More Than Just an Anti-Bullying Program

Matt Wilhelm's school assembly program is one of the most popular school assemblies in the country.  His program is perfectly aligned with PBIS, Social-Emotional Learning, Olweus, and Second Step programs.

Every child deserves to feel safe at school.  Matt Wilhelm's positive approach to bully prevention make it "Cool to be Kind."

Matt Wilhelm's school assembly program covers ALL THREE of the following topics:

"Nearly every teacher has approached me saying what a wonderful assembly that was! Thank you so much, and I can't express enough how important it is to talk to young children about this topic and you definitely have the gift for it! Thanks again!!!"

Noelle K. - PTA President, Graham Elementary School

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The Show

Matt Wilhelm performing the Spiderman at an elementary school assembly.

Matt performing a crowd favorite at an elementary school assembly.

Matt Wilhelm's elementary school assembly program is designed to entertain, educate, and empower. He creatively mixes BMX bike tricks with his own inspiring stories of beating the odds en route to becoming a BMX National Champion.

In addition to his BMX skills, Matt is also a gifted storyteller. He is FUNNY. He is INTERESTING. He is CAPTIVATING. What makes these stories powerful is that they are from his own personal experiences.

Kids can apply his messages about respect, responsibility, and resilience to their own everyday lives.

His stories and message are truly unforgettable.

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Students Will Learn

  • Why kindness and respect are important
  • Bullying: What it is and what it is not
  • The myth of "Just Joking"
  • The difference between bystanders and up-standers
  • The power of words / Think before you speak
  • Everyone is different and being different makes you great
  • The importance of positive self-talk
  • Anything is possible with a "Never Give Up" attitude
  • The myth of the "overnight success"
  • Hard work pays off
  • And Much More!!!

"My son is 10 (4th grade) and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. He has never even ridden a 2 wheel bike before and will not be able to in the future due to his muscle disease and the physical deterioration it causes.

Your message today about not giving up when things are tough or seem unachievable was really an impressionable moment for him. I thank you for that.

Just know that you made a little kid hopeful today that he can be as determined as you to get past some of the obstacles he faces!"

Tammy C. - Parent (Received via Facebook)

Are They Listening?

Do your students stay engaged for the entire duration of an assembly? If the kids aren't paying attention in the first place then what's the point? Forty-five minutes can seem like an eternity for elementary students if you have the wrong speaker or entertainer.

Elementary School Assembly Students

Elementary school students love Matt's tricks and messages.

Kids learn more effectively when they are having fun. In order to communicate a unique message you have to communicate that message in a unique way.

Matt Wilhelm's elementary school assembly program is unlike any you've ever seen.

Matt will keep your students' attention for the entire duration. His award-winning tricks are literally “award-winning.” He has won X-Games Medals, National Titles, and was a Semi-Finalist on “America's Got Talent.” Your students will be in awe that someone from TV is putting on a live show just for them.

But Matt isn't performing for your kids just to put on a show. The real reason is to share his story. His message is delivered in a way that elementary school students can understand, digest, and apply to their own lives.

Your students, teachers, and principal will all love the show because it entertains, educates, and empowers students. It works on ALL levels.

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Google Reviews

Dina Jansen
Dina Jansen
Working with Matt was a pleasant experience from beginning to end. Matt is kind, very easy to talk to and is eager to share his story with students of all ages. He is very accomodating. His presentation is phenomenal and will have students (and teachers) cheering! The message he shares is one... we all need to hear more often: Be a Batman (or other superhero) to someone. Make a difference in someone's life by being kind.read more
Monica O'brien
Monica O'brien
Matt presents a one of a kind performance for children of all ages. His knowledge and experiences as a BMX professional adds excitement to his performances but even more importantly are his messages to the students of being "Someone's Superhero," thinking about how your words and actions can affect... others in postive and negative situations, and to "Never Give Up!" Being using his life experiences in conveying his messages as well as his talents, Matt will not disappoint your students, teachers, and staff members.read more
Ron P
Ron P
Great message and students and staff truly enjoy the show!!
Matt Wilhelm's presentation was so WELL RECEIVED at Longfellow! Not only were the students mesmerized by his off the chain bike moves, but they were truly inspired by his story. The teachers were also impressed that Matt knew how to "talk like a teacher"; he was so on point and compassionate with... all the students. He even helped to foster a sense of belonging with our staff. Teachers were chosen to have Matt jump over them with the bike; it was a bonding moment for all involved. One of our youngest Longfellow Bears, a kindergartner, was so moved that he wrote Matt a letter and said not to ever lose it. All the students have been coming up to me asking when the posters will be raffled that Matt left behind. I would strongly recommend this performance to any school at any grade level. It's not only an education in taking risks, but it's an education in kindness and the power of words!read more
On behalf of our PTA, I hired Matt to come to our elementary school just prior to Thanksgiving. He did his show for kids from kindergarten through 5th grade. He was a huge hit for all of the kids! The kids in every grade expressed how amazed they were by his tricks, but also touched by his story. I... am looking forward to having him out again in the future!read more
Douglas Kouri
Douglas Kouri
Matt Wilhelm puts on an incredible show for the students and delivers a powerful message! His show is a perfect combinations of talking and performing. He engages students with his tricks, keeps their attention during his stories, and always cracks a joke along the way. Students love him and he is... very communicative and easy to work with. Five out of Five....Highly Recommend.read more
Heather Krueger
Heather Krueger
Our middle school students loved Matt Wilhelm's performance and message! The students were so attentive and Matt had every person in the room engaged, cheering and smiling. Matt has a gift in the way that he shares his story and teaches others about kindness, treating others with respect and... sticking up for others! Matt's message touched the hearts of many students today (staff too), and his amazing BMX tricks were out of this world!read more
Jessica Mueller
Jessica Mueller
Matt’s assembly was awesome! The students loved it & are still talking about it! Matt keeps the kids engaged & promotes a great message to his audience. Highly recommend! Thanks again Matt!! 🚲💙💛
Megan Mendoza
Megan Mendoza
Matt did an amazing job at Hiawatha schools this past winter. He was very good at keeping the students and teachers engaged in the presentations from elementary school through middle and high school. There was a lot of crowd participation and his stories had meaningful messages behind them that... the kids were able to take with them. We loved having Matt and he is still being talked about at our school!read more
Wendy Mathieu
Wendy Mathieu
Our K-2 students thoroughly enjoyed Matt's program. The students were engaged from start to finish, and loved seeing all his tricks. Matt did a great job interacting with the students and adjusting for the different age ranges throughout each of his shows. The message was perfect for this age of... students, and it tied in well with the virtues we have been learning about this year. Matt was a pleasure to work with and we would love to have him bring his program to our school again next year!read more
Shanell H
Shanell H
Matt put on an amazing show for our school. Such positivity from the start of the show all the way to the end. So many smiles and laughter came out of every grade level at our school. Definitely recommend Matt.
Matt does a great assembly, and Horizon elementary (u-46) loved him! His program is an amazing mix of high paced excitement and honest conversations about working hard, being there to stand up when you see others being bullied, and how failures and hard practice will only make you better. Our K-6th... grade students were all engaged, entertained, and educated! Well recommended for any school! Dr. Schwardt- principal at Horizonread more
Miranda Moe
Miranda Moe
Matt put on a spectacular assembly. He had a positive message and was engaging. Our students couldn’t stop talking about it!
If I ask my daughter how school was today, I usually get a short answer, fine, good, etc. When she saw this show, I didn't even have to ask how was school. She immediately said, do you know who Matt Wihelm is? Before I could answer, she gave me all the details about the show. She was able to tell... me about never giving up, and talked about bullying. She loved the show and for her to give me such specific details about the show, definitely shows her attention was caught. Great show and great message. The kids truly enjoyed it! I can't wait for him to come again next year.read more
Oak Ridge PTA
Oak Ridge PTA
Matt’s performance was amazing!!! The kids were so engaged and excited the entire time. He had their full attention and was so good at keeping it. Not only were Matt’s tricks impressive, but his messages were strong and clear. Speaking of stepping up to bullies, working hard and never giving up- we... would welcome Matt back to our school any day. These are the kinds of days at school that kids remember forever ❤️read more
Matt Wilhelm was captivating! His message, tricks, and engaging personality made a difference for over 1,000 fifth and sixth graders. Matt is a must see and will definitely be asked to visit our school again!
Nichole Greer
Nichole Greer
Matt's performance was entertaining, inspiring, and laid out in a manner that engaged our 6-8 grade students through the length of his show. I would love to see him back in a few years with new incoming students!
Melissa Jeszka
Melissa Jeszka
Matt Wilhelm has been at our school more than once and every time it is amazing and the kids have so much fun! His anti bullying message is so important and he delivers it in a way that is age appropriate and meaningful. The students and staff love his fun bike tricks and message. He is wonderfully... easy to work with. I highly recommend any school to bring him in for an assembly.read more
Joseph Zampillo
Joseph Zampillo
Matt puts on the perfect show for middle school students. His inspirational message focused on helping students understand the importance of being kind to each not just now but for the rest of their lives along side his cool BMX tricks definitely has a positive impact on kids. All school leaders... should make it a priority to find a way to invite Matt Wilhelm to visit their schools.read more
John Francis
John Francis
Matt delivered a great show while also talking about important topics for students to reflect on as they grow up and interact with their peers! We will have him back again!
Kathleen Choi
Kathleen Choi
I have had Matt come to the school where I teach and the school that my children attend. Both times he has been very responsive, helpful, accommodating, prompt and put on an amazing show. He is entertaining but also you can tell he has picked up some crowd control tips along the way. His... presentation is perfect if you are promoting a growth mindset in your school. My students and my own children talk still talk about it. He is the perfect booking if you are looking for a positive, memorable and enriching experience. I can not recommend him enough!read more
Justin Wahls
Justin Wahls
Matt came to our school and put on a wonderful show and experience for our students. Our students were talking about how they cannot wait for him to come back. I highly recommend having Matt come to your school and speak to your students. He is high energy, a great story teller, and leaves a... lasting impression!read more
Rory Bedeker
Rory Bedeker
Matt's show for our k-8th grade students was awesome. Kids of all age levels were engaged throughout the entire show. His tricks were amazing and his message resonated with the students and staff. We are looking forward to having Matt back in the future.
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