Virtual Show Promo Video

Check out my new Virtual Show promo video. Super proud of the virtual show, and judging from the parent and teacher feedback it’s a hit. Virtual shows tie together all of my skills of video production, sound editing, riding, and motivational speaking. I was born for virtual shows 🙂 Thanks to everyone for making this…

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Virtual Show Highlights and Clips

Virtual School Assemblies for Elementary Schools

Here is video with highlights and clips from my virtual show. I have been getting tons of interest in the past week, and lots of people want to know what it looks like. Yes, I understand it is hard to imagine streaming a live BMX show, especially with multiple cameras, glow-in-the-dark, and all of the…

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Lutheran Schools Week Assemblies

Lutheran Schools Week School Assemblies

It has been a busy week. The last week of January is Catholic Schools Week, Kindness Week, and also Lutheran Schools Week.  On Tuesday Sheboygan Lutheran High School hosted my anti-bullying school assembly.  They bussed over four nearby Lutheran Grade Schools for an audience of somewhere around 800 kids. The kids rocked and it was…

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Edwardsville Intelligencer Newspaper Article

BMX School Assemblies in Edwardsville, Illinois

A big thanks to the Edwardsville Intelligencer Newspaper for coming out to cover my school assembly programs on January 22nd 2019.  I performed two school assemblies in Edwardsville, Illinois that day at Lincoln Middle School and Liberty Middle School. The shows were sponsored by Amazing Smiles Orthodontics as part of their community outreach and ongoing…

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7 Questions to Ask When Booking an Assembly

Booking School Assemblies

Don’t Book an Assembly Without Asking These Questions Booking a school assembly can seem like a fairly daunting task, especially if you haven’t done it before. However, it can be quite simple if you know the right questions to ask. Here are the seven questions that you should ask every school performer before you book.…

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Catholic Schools Week Assemblies

Matt Wilhelm performing a trick at St. Joseph Catholic School during Catholic Schools Week.

Catholic Schools Week is always a busy one for my assembly program.  This year I performed 19 shows in five days during Catholic Schools Week.  All of students (and staff) loved the tricks and message. My message of kindness, standing up for others, and resilience always fits in nicely with whatever theme the school selects…

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2018 PBIS Kickoff and Kindness Assembly

Matt Wilhelm performing at Stanton Middle School

I had the privilege to kick off Stanton Middle School’s PBIS assembly on Monday January 8th 2018. What an awesome group of students!!!  The 5th-8th graders at Stanton were very excited to see the show and hear the message. I spoke about perseverance, kindness, resilience, and being “Someone’s Batman.”  All too often middle school students…

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Wheeling High School Performance

Matt Wilhelm performing the FOB spin at Wheeling High School.

I performed at Wheeling High School for their Snowball program “Make a Wish.”  I love performing at high schools, and high school students are often my favorite audience. Many of the students approached me afterward to tell me how they connected with my story.  It is extremely rewarding to make a difference in the life…

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Kenilworth Show – Eight Years in a Row

Matt Wilhelm performing a Gutlever.

I performed for the kids of Kenilworth, IL this summer for the eighth year in a row.  That means every single kid at this camp has seen my show every single year they have been a camper.  Thanks to all the campers and staff members who keep inviting me back. Also thanks to Madison Roberts…

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