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School Assemblies for Elementary Schools and Middle Schools

A Positive Approach to Bullying Prevention

From the stage of "America's Got Talent" to your school gymnasium, book Matt Wilhelm for your next exciting school assembly.

Matt Wilhelm's school assembly program combines amazing BMX bike tricks with educational character messages.

Your kids will sit on the edge of their seats as they watch Matt's award-winning tricks. Matt Wilhelm is a Guinness World Record Holder and the 2022 USA National Champion.

After grabbing their attention, your kids will hang onto Matt's every last word. He will share his story of how one small act of kindness changed him from bullied kid to National Champion.

Matt Wilhelm's anti-bullying school assembly focuses on kindness, positivity, and the difference that one person can make.

Educational and entertaining

Perfect for elementary and middle schools

Social-emotional learning

Reach the most "at-risk" students

Inspiring, motivating, and fun

From bullied kid to National Champion, Matt Wilhelm shares his powerful story with your students

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Matt Wilhelm's anti-bullying program empowers kids to stand up for others, stand up for themselves, and be everyday heroes.

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The Perfect Mix of Entertainment and Message

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Amazing BMX Bike Tricks

Your students will love Matt's award-winning tricks. Matt is a Guinness-World Record Holder, Two-Time National Champion, and "America's Got Talent" Semi-Finalist. Your students will be engaged from the very first trick.

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Character Messages That Kids Remember

Your kids will hear the message loud and clear.  Matt's school assembly creatively mixes BMX tricks with messaging to create a lasting impact. Your students will relate to Matt's story of beating the odds to become a National Champion.

Meet Matt Wilhelm

Matt Wilhelm is not your stereotypical BMX rider. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Millikin University, while attending on a music scholarship.

In 2022 Matt Wilhelm won the USA National Championship.

He is currently the #1 ranked BMX Flatland rider in the United States.

Here are some of Matt's awards and accolades:

  • Guinness World Record Holder
  • 3-Time X Games Medalist
  • 2-Time National Champion
  • World Championship Silver and Bronze Medalist
  • America's Got Talent Semi-Finalist
  • Winner of America's Got Talent YouTube Competition
  • Winner of FOX TV's 30 Seconds to Fame
  • Red Bull Fight with Flight Champion
  • 2021 Team USA Member at the BMX World Championships

Have your kids ever had their own personal show from a Guinness World Record Holder?

Matt Wilhelm BMX Flatland

Riding at the 2021 BMX World Championships for Team USA

"The message of empowerment and resilience is what really moved me as a parent. I wish every student could hear his message."

− Kristen Avery − PTA, Downers Grove, IL

Over 350+ Five-Star Google Reviews

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Matt Wilhelm - School Assemblies and BMX Shows

5.0 Based on 362 reviews

school assemblies and reviewsMichael Merritt

If you are looking for a high-energy presentation, coupled with a positive and impactful message focused on kindness and perseverance, Matt's show is a MUST!

No matter the age level, Matt tailors his presentation to keep all learners engaged. The sequence of his show keeps the audience on the edge of their seat with incredible stunts intermixed with his powerful words on character education. Thank you, Matt, for sharing your story! We can't wait to have you back!

school assemblies and reviewsSue Majchrzak
PTO President

As a parent volunteer, I've seen a number of school assemblies but this one truly left me speechless. The message, the way Matt kept the kids attention intertwining his story amongst tricks that left mouths open with awe.

He has a talent that to me is unmatched and will hopefully leave impressions for years to come. Not only a show for kids but adults, teachers, volunteers and parents alike, a message we could all use! Thank you Matt for an unforgettable school assembly!

school assemblies and reviewsschool assemblies principal reviewKaty Lynch

Matt Wilhelm has a great message for students about kindness, differences, and acceptance. He is so engaging that students really are unaware that the assembly is actually about anti-bullying.

He captures their attention with a personal life story that connects his BMX stunts with perseverance, kindness, and acceptance of others.

This was an exceptional performance and I highly recommend Matt Wilhelm for any future school assembly at the elementary level.

school assemblies and reviewsDave Danielski

Matt Wilhelm provides a high energy school assembly with a highly impactful message. His powerful anti-bullying message is realized as he shares his own personal experiences and how he overcame challenges to be a champion!

Our students stood in awe of Matt's BMX bike tricks. I highly recommend this school assembly!

school assemblies and reviewsschool assemblies teacher reviewsMichelle Rzepka

This school assembly was the perfect combination of jaw dropping bike tricks and motivational speaking that weaved together Matt's personal story about how he made it to where he is today.

The message reinforced the importance of standing up for others, the power of words and finding ways to make people feel valuable, and never giving up.

Many school assemblies struggle to offer both engaging material and a meaningful message. This was a terrific balance of both for all of our K-6 students.

Questions About School Assemblies

What ages is this school assembly geared toward?

Matt Wilhelm's school assembly program is geared for kindergarten through 8th grade. PreK kids are also welcome to attend with other students.

Matt will hold the attention of the youngest students for the duration of the entire show. If you have older students, who are often "too cool" for school assemblies, Matt will get them to buy in immediately.

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How does he combine the BMX tricks and the bullying message? 

Matt's school assembly is about half tricks and half messaging. He starts off the show with some amazing tricks on the bike. After earning respect from the audience Matt is now able to deliver a messages in a way that kids will hear it.

One of the most common compliments Matt receives from principals and teachers is about the pacing of the show. They constantly rave about how he incorporates the messages into the show.

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What exactly will the kids learn?

Matt's school assembly covers three main messages in-depth. Click on each link to learn more about what exactly is covered with each message.

  1. Bullying Prevention / Kindness
  2. Growth Mindset / Hard Work Pays Off
  3. Resilience / Never Give Up

Your kids will walk away inspired and ready to make a difference.

Time away from class is valuable. Is this worth giving up class time?

Matt understands the importance of instructional time. That is why he also includes FREE follow-up materials with every school assembly.

"Hero Inside" is a FREE video series and discussion guide that teachers can use in the classroom after his school assembly.

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